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yoga instructor and four students standing at the front of their yoga mats in Mountain Pose (tadasana) inside the Pushna Wellness yoga studio room.

Nourish your Soul

Pushna Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Center Offering Yoga, Spin, Boxing, Massage, Reiki, Biofield Tuning & Life Coaching

At Pushna Wellness, we honor the ancient traditions of yoga and mindfulness and bring that nourishing energy into everything we offer.

Nourish your mind, body, and soul with our holistic wellness services and beginner-friendly boxing and yoga classes. We have yoga, spin, swing yoga, boxing, blended fitness classes, massage, reiki, biofield energy healing, and a sauna as well as unique events and workshops to expand your horizons!

New Client Specials

Life coach sitting in office looking off to the side, holding a notepad
Life Coaching at Pushna Wellness

Free Life Coaching

If you feel stuck, unhappy, disconnected or unsure where to start, try Life Coaching. Discover and understand your obstacles, identify tools, strategies and support to help you achieve the fulfilling life you deserve. Free sessions to the first 50 clients!

Our Classes

Our Lake Orion studio offers a mix of yoga, swing yoga, cycling/spinning, boxing, and combination classes like Yoga-Lates, Spin & Yin and BOYO.

  • Spin instructor leading a class in the fitness studio.
  • Boxing student practicing his jab at the boxing bag in the fitness studio.
  • Yoga teacher showing students how to do table balance pose.
  • Swing Yoga students practicing inversions in the aerial hammocks - they are hanging upside down using the swings to support their weight, arms extended on the floor.

Wellness Services

Nourish your body and soul with massage, reiki and energy healing, life coaching, craniosacral therapy and more. 

Massage client receiving a craniosacral massage while lying on her back and eyes covered.
Student athletes holding various modificatons of pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) inside their school gym.

Youth Athletic Yoga Programs

Pushna Wellness offers offsite yoga instruction for your athletic teams. We customize an athletic yoga practice to optimize for performance and recovery in your sport.

Pushna Wellness

1290 and 1292 S. Lapeer Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48360
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