Welcome Y’all – Take A Seat – The Ride Begins Now!

Alas! I have finally bit the bullet long enough and am ready to take on committing to some legit content for you folks!

Pushing forward I would like to be able to provide a glimpse into a lot of not only the fashion I choose, as at times it is indeed ‘out there’ and a bit off the wall to those in the biz world I find myself a part of, but the various factors in my life that have led me to do what I do, be who I am and push forward like I do.

For those who don’t know me – you soon will get to discover several sides of muah – but until then, here’s the briefing… I am a single, Caucasian, 25 year old, semi-spiritual, thrifty, adventurous, spunky, outgoing, fairly successful career women – with two amazing children looking for her purpose on this thing called Earth…

Trials and tribulations seem to lurk around every corner I turn, but my goal is to push through with great strides and try and lead by example and help those out who have self image issues, parenting qualms, need a motivation boost in life in general, advice on random things people just are uncomfortable discussing, and most of all… live my life with no regrets and have a big ole’ smile on my face while
making people laugh!

Let’s take a journey together and see where we come out… Have an amazing day!!!

Published by duezzy

Some call me crazy, some call me spunky...all I know is I am outgoing, love to have fun, laugh, and encourage others to be and do their best. Whether that is from healthy living, cooking, fashion, motivation, goal setting, being comfortable with YOU...whatever it is I am here and willing to help. I truly believe that is why I was put here. Have a question, concern comment? I am all ears!