Give Up What? That’s Right, It’s Possible!

So a request rolled in (always willing to take those folks) and thus comes this evenings spiel! Recently I gave up coffee…Monday will be week seven! For me, that’s insane as I was downing an entire pot or more in a day well into evening hours – out of hand I must say… I’ve been known on several occasions to just give up something I find myself becoming too dependent on cold turkey. I’ve evaluated why I do this and I am no therapist but, I feel it’s due to me not wanting to have to rely on anything/anyone but myself. Call me crazy but it makes me feel weak and like I have lost control…? Anyway, for me that usually is the key initiator to making the decision to remove something from my life.

Typically its spurred by an event that transpires in my life where I hit a moment of realization and notice things in my life could be better. I look at what is making things difficult or hard for me to accomplish my goals for my future with my family, career and health. Once I have established these items I look at what I can control, and then whip out my handy dandy notepad/journal (yep the ole’ pen and paper thing…) and list out what I want to change, why I want to change it and the goal I want to achieve by giving this up.

After I have established my goals and really focus on the changes that need to be made to get to those, I have a chat with myself (once again – call me crazy) and give myself a pep talk on how the change is for the best and the results in the end will satisfy the void, or create the necessary change.

So – staying on track…how DOES that work? Reference your journal when you feel a moment of weakness is a good starter. Revisit those initial thoughts where you put your heart and soul into the changes you wanted. And for those who believe in the good Lord above, I would say turn to Him for guidance and strength in your moments of not only weakness but throughout your journey. (I am not trying to get preachy on anyone – it is just the way I deal.) In addition to the above, I often share my goals with several people – that way I know if I do give up or fall off track I have several others that could potentially put me in check, inspire me, give me advice or simply just ask how it is going. In the event I have fallen off track, feel as if it is pointless etc., I can go to those aware and obtain the boost to get me back in the right mindset. You never know who you are inspiring with the proclamations made publicly as well as the events you do in your life – this goes for good and bad. Social media has played a huge role in helping me stay motivated and on track with my goals – weird I know. Most times I will make a post of some sort referencing my newest goal set – that helps also. Also, seeing others who are working out, setting their own goals or achieving great things in life keep me fueled and energized in staying in tune with my life and what needs to be done.

Many who know me realize I am VERY goal oriented – over achiever maybe? Who knows, but my goal oriented frame of mind is how I got to where I am at now in life. It’s not perfect, but no ones life is ever perfect…so I think I am OK with striving for a better me while hopefully creating a form of inspiration to those around me to help achieve their goals as well. It’s pretty cool knowing you have impacted someones’ life for the better.

So – let me challenge you…dust off the old notebook (or buy a new one – whatever tickles your fancy) and truly think about what is making you unsatisfied in your current situation, It could be in your relationship, your current state of health, friendships, whatever is not sitting right with where you thought you would be. Then write it down, and find out HOW you can change it. Everything is dependent on YOUR choices, so don’t blame others for where you are at. Be better and make the move to NOW to find a happier and healthier you!


Good night y’all!!! 

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Some call me crazy, some call me spunky...all I know is I am outgoing, love to have fun, laugh, and encourage others to be and do their best. Whether that is from healthy living, cooking, fashion, motivation, goal setting, being comfortable with YOU...whatever it is I am here and willing to help. I truly believe that is why I was put here. Have a question, concern comment? I am all ears!