Pin It and Throw A Flower In!

Hola! It’s been a hot minute, and by hot I mean too long, my apologies! Today I bring you a blog I’ve been meaning to write for a while now…so here she is!

For years I had the same hair style go-to’s; straighten or scrunch to embrace my God-given curly locks… That’s it. Blah! I know. As my sense for fashion and trying the new and unventured territories came about via clothing, so to came my curiosity on new Do’s!

Everyone goes through their phases of hair, and my oh my are there some duezzy’s lol! So a current phase I’m in is accessorizing not only my body but my hair/head! It’s a fun quick way to jazz up your whole ensemble and pull the outfit together.

For instance, you ever have that crazy hair day where it’s seriously everywhere, no time to wash it and straighten it etc? THOSE are the days I’ve gotten the most compliments on my hair. And the crazy thing about it is it takes THE LEAST time to do!

Those mornings where you feel as if you were reincarnated as Medusa herself – grab some bobby pins, take loose strands and pin at random away and up from your face. Once done, grab a flower, fancy jeweled barrette or cute head band to add to mix and go… Seriously that simple.

Quick tips, dirty hair (meaning a few days no washing) is the best to work with when pinning up. Add some salt spray or mousse for waves and then do the pinning. It may take a few times to master how you want your hair to fall but the beauty about pinning, is you have control of where every lock lands.


So to sum it up, when all else fails, and you have no idea what to do with your hair… Pin it and throw a flower in!  Flowers make all things prettier!

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