Bake Somethin’ Fresh!

Those who make the trek to mi casa every now and then know I absolutely LOVE to cook… Seriously, it’s the best stress reliever. If ever I come home disgruntled by a certain person, event or obstacle in my life, I turn on my oven/stove and go to town.

Purpose of tonight’s blog? None other then to express the bomb discovery I made in my very own kitchen (I’m sure tons of you are like, yeah I make these all the time, but I have not…thus the excitement!) My new house’s yard has tons of fruits and veggies that I’ve been harvesting (nothing better than utilizing your own goods to create a dish for those you love)! Therefore I have been trying to discover ways to use them… Well I found my new fav for the time being on the baked goods side at least (I typically don’t bake, so I’m stoked to find something beside my banana bread to make) – cobblers! Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Even my wee ones are completely in love with these tasty fresh baked treats. I have tried making two thus far, but know I will be creating a few more before the fruits are gone from the trees.

First one was a blackberry rhubarb cobbler. Toss the fruit in brown sugar, orange juice, cornstarch, vanilla and then pour the flour, sugar, cinnamon (I also used nutmeg) and chunks of butter to crisp the topping (yeah real butter, I know I know crazy talk coming from me). Baked at 375 for about 30 minutes. This one was sweet, with a touch of bitter from the blackberries. Kiddos ate with some low fat vanilla ice cream.

Second was a white peach, rhubarb, strawberry, blackberry and apple cobbler. (Hey I love my fruit….) this one I kinda went off the top of my head on what was used in the first and I did zero measuring (makes me feel more accomplished throwing things together at random with no guidance and it coming out delish.) this cobbler was devoured within the evening, half by my tots and the other by my parents. No I scream needed, it was uber sweet, my fav!

So to sum ‘er up, get to harvesting from your own backyard and throw something yummy together for the fam! Fall is about to grace us with it’s presence, your family will thank you… Or fight over the last helping! Regardless go ahead and try making something new to you, doesn’t have to be a cobbler… Just something different, you may be surprised upon your discovery!

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