Plant The Seed: Inspire & Motivate

Sunday night, and the time is right, for a little Duezzy pick me up! On my quiet run with my faithful pooch – Toostie – this morning, I realized how running was never a notion I considered until someone told me I could do it and thought ‘By Golly – they planted a seed, it sprouted and has remained rooted within me.’ Thus this post!!

Ever talk to a friend or loved one who just is not doing anything they actually want to do in their life or doubts EVERYTHING? Ever hear, “I hate my job” or “I wish I could do this” – yadda yadda… While I understand not everyone is as optimistic as I tend to be, here’s my advice when you hear those words: Plant a seed.

What does that mean Jess? Well I shall indulge your thirst there… Growing up I wanted to do so many things and I had such high hopes and dreams to get there and sometimes I felt – there’s no way I could possibly do that. (Boy was I wrong…) And I can say that even though ALL things in my life are not yet complete – I am reaching for the stars with no one in clear sight that could quite possibly stop me – try as they may – I will rise above all life’s obstacles. THIS attitude was instilled through words of inspiration and motivation from those I have ran into throughout my life – some were close to me, some just acquaintances. And in all honesty, some times those random conversations with a stranger I meet, throughout this crazy thing called life, have inspired me the most…(Those who know me know I make friends with anyone and everyone…LOVE meeting new people.)

OK OK – onto HOW to plant that there seed I was referencing. When you are conversing with someone and you can FEEL that passion, or see/witness their capabilities whether it be work, craftiness, enjoyment, travel etc…LISTEN to what they are saying and try to dig a little deeper with sincere questions. “How long have you enjoyed doing that?” “What is holding you back?” “What if you COULD do/be that?” When asking those questions, try and give votes of encouragement, maybe cool ideas that pop into your head, websites, contacts…maybe that is just my “networker” mind-frame – always trying connect people to the right people to get things accomplished and help others (NOTHING brings me more excitement than witnessing others benefit from something I have helped with or inspired.)

It always fascinates me trying to get to know someone – which is why I enjoy being around people so much, the mysteries of the brain are intriguing… There have been times in my life where I was totally confident in something that I was doing and was blatantly shot down and made to feel as if everything I did was worthless and for nothing. That gesture alone should not have stopped me or prevented me from doing what I enjoyed – but it did. Why do people do this to you? Because they have problems of their own that they need settled – DON”T be that person. I beg you – give constructive criticism, pointers, and just try and give that boost that they may have needed all these years to finally bite the bullet and get things going. You never know what your words can do to that person’s psyche.


Nowadays it is not what people say to me that inspires me so much to push forward, although at times it still totally is necessary, it is the doubts and perceptions that people have for me. Instead of getting down and hard on myself about those perceptions – I find something to get me going and feel accomplished. You see we don’t NEED constant encouragement and gratification for things we do – we just need some one, at some point, to give that little boost of motivation to be more, rise above the obstacles and face life as if there is no tomorrow…

Goodnight (actually morning now…!)

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