Jess Welcomes Pushna Followers

Thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to new followers, guests and people interested in possibly taking a class in the new space called Pushna Wellness. Located in the heart of the quaint Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, presently the Pink house is where we call “home.”

I have been teaching yoga now for 5 years and practicing for about 7. Health and fitness has been a priority for me since my younger years after being a little on the fluffy side(yes – fluffy – ha!) However, I am still not too shy to down a pizza or a steak every now and then. Yes, I love yoga and am not a vegetarian, maybe one day. I do cleanses from time to time and allow my body to take time away from those foods but all and all – I live a fairly balanced life. I am who I am and those who appreciate an honest down to earth person, will appreciate my approach to life in general. I am of Christian faith but do not push that on anyone who chooses to practice with me. Your journey is your journey and I would be more than happy to share mine – but would never tell you how to live yours (unless you’re hiring me as your coach – in which case – there may be some guiding words – haha!)

Recently opening this space and a new business, selling my house and moving into a new town has been quite the experience for my children and I. Side bar note on them for a moment, they are honestly the two most amazing little humans I know. Always so helpful, loving and kind (most the time – they are pre-teens after all) I was blessed beyond belief. Exciting things are in our future I am certain. This place and people here have so much great energy I can not wait to share with the community.

Getting the word to the public about our space is my next big task. The world needs more love, kindness and knowledge and I am certain my space here at Pushna can and will be and offer that for so many people. We have classes ranging from Gentle and meditation based to high energy Rise & Flow and BOYO (boxing integrated with yoga). There will be truly a class for everyone. The space holds about 16 people snuggly and we have props for each person who is present. There are package offerings and option to do a monthly auto-pay at a discount if you wish to pop in whenever the unlimited options are perfect! We also offer various coaching and one on one yoga.

My goal is to get out a blog once maybe twice a month. Looking to dive deeper into each class and introduce those to you. Also share a bit about myself along the way… Stay tuned – more to come! Have an amazing day!

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Some call me crazy, some call me spunky...all I know is I am outgoing, love to have fun, laugh, and encourage others to be and do their best. Whether that is from healthy living, cooking, fashion, motivation, goal setting, being comfortable with YOU...whatever it is I am here and willing to help. I truly believe that is why I was put here. Have a question, concern comment? I am all ears!

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  1. Jess- this is a great way to introduce your self and create a following. You have been studying and experimenting for several years, time to share with others that will benefit from what you have to offer. All the best!

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