Winter Blues – Give Me Good News!

It’s the end of December and all of us are in the holiday lulls of feeling bloated, over partied and ready for a fresh start, am I right? The weather, while here in Michigan has given us some more than pleasant sunny days typically for December, still just quite isn’t that warm breeze, sunny day feel. Which is why during this time it is such a great opportunity to hone into the New Year, New You band wagon everyone gets into…why? Because if gives you focus and a newfound purpose to push through these winter blues!

How might one be able to do that here in Michigan you may think… well, getting in shape thankfully (to prepare for said missed sunny summer weather) is quite easy. With the number of home workouts and Youtube videos you have at your fingertips I say – more power to anyone motivated enough to hop into it alone and push through. While attainable, it is still not so fun. Joining a gym is always an option – but WHICH ONE (I do have a personal fav here in Lake Orion – NXT Powerhouse for the win – but again personal preference)? There are so many options with various memberships and classes along with equipment and even types of people who work out at each location. What to choose?!

But let’s not forget us boutique nooks specializing in various types of workouts and routines, much like YOGA! Here at Pushna Wellness it has never been easier to join as a member that fits YOUR schedule and what you’re looking to achieve activity wise. Want to dedicate once a week? Wonderful – we’ve got you! Want to hit us up twice a week? Grand, option for that as well!! Oh and for those who get a little addicted to our yoga experience and want to hit the mat 3+ times a week, and reap an event discount – um YES we have that too!!! Check out our pricing page here for more options and opportunity for you to join an intimate and empowering growing community right here in Lake Orion’s own Canterbury Village. That’s right – the Pink House now has been transformed into a little escape from your every day life.

2020 is bringing fantastic changes for our Pushna Family. New classes, teachers and amazing retreats and events for you to check out! We look forward to setting goals with you and creating a new place to call your home away from home! And if you need help setting any of those goals and are in need of a coach to hold you accountable, Pushna’s very own Jess Dues helps provide guidance, accountability and questions to help you really dig deep into what you are after in your life! So cheers to the New Year & New You – Bring it on 2020!

Published by duezzy

Some call me crazy, some call me spunky...all I know is I am outgoing, love to have fun, laugh, and encourage others to be and do their best. Whether that is from healthy living, cooking, fashion, motivation, goal setting, being comfortable with YOU...whatever it is I am here and willing to help. I truly believe that is why I was put here. Have a question, concern comment? I am all ears!