Corona Whiplash & Mindset Shift

Whoa! What in the Sam hill just happened in the course of less than a month? For starters our kids are unable to return to school to complete this year and HOME days upon days with us parents who are now trying to navigate home work life AND being a teacher…along with trying to stay healthy. We are being told we can’t leave our homes in fear we will spread a virus that is dominating the news and consuming every aspect of our lives. People have lost jobs, and for some odd reason, we can’t find toilet paper to save our lives. The world has halted. And honestly, most days it is kind of nice having this change of pace, I have to admit. How can you say that you may think? Read on my friends… read on.

Mindset Shift

Pause & close your eyes…now breathe.

Have you ever stopped and closed your eyes in the middle of a consuming thought to shift your focus onto something more productive or steer it away from going down the rabbit hole? Shifting your mindset to the new un-norm is something we all need to find time to pause and do. To allow the feeling of panic and fear to dissipate and allow our minds to see the good that can come from this. (And I am here to tell you, I have found so much good in even the smallest of things lately with all this time to JUST BE.) Since we can’t change it, why constantly share and spread worry? Does it make you feel better to share your concerns with the world in a time we really need love and support? If you struggle with this, bringing a mindful practice into your day can change so much. Maybe not instantaneously, but it will begin to have impact with each tiny effort.

Ways to shift your mindset:

  • Move the body anyway you can
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Workout
  • Walks
  • Deep breathing
  • Journal anything that comes to mind
  • Read positive articles/books/quotes
  • Talk to someone that uplifts you
  • Join a new virtual community (see below – Pushna is ONLINE!)

As you see, while it is not the same to be visiting with our fellow yogi’s via an online platform, it still soothes the soul to connect! We have developed a schedule to adjust to our lives as they are now. Shifting our mindset on how yoga “should be” and into a how can we be! And here we are. We are running an Easter special along with New Student specials to try out our platform. Once we -reopen all passes will be valid in the studio and online! We also record the teacher during our sessions so you have access to re-watch the videos as well!

Pushna Virtual Class Schedule

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