Why 1-on-1 Yoga?

Does the term 1-on-1 yoga scare you? Eyes solely on you, right? Or does it excite you thinking that you get ALL the attention and focus? No matter your mindset there, you won’t regret dedicating an hour to yourself for YOURSELF.

And what if you don’t know a thing about yoga, are the most inflexible person you know and just don’t feel comfortable in yoga pants?! That is perfectly ok, Jess’ specialty actually. Having a conversation with her to talk about where you are and what your needs may be will help find the right path and cadence for you. Once comfortable you can be confident and ready to hop into a Zoom class she offers multiple times a week – or before to see her style! (Which most of her classes are beginner based and guide you slowly through the poses and stretching.)

Before Adjustments

With Jess, of Pushna Wellness, you are guaranteed to leave the cozy quaint studio feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and STRETCHED! Her background is in Gentle (Hatha), Yin, Ashtanga and therapeutic yoga styles. She focuses on not only your poses, but your needs and expectations for the hour. If you have stress or anxiety (who doesn’t these days, right?!), there will be focus on mindfulness and breathwork. Lower back, shoulder or hips issues or discomforts? Poses to suit your relief and help ease pain! Or maybe you are more advanced in your practice and you want someone to help you grow and master certain poses – maybe balances and flows, or focusing more on your breath with movement. Jess can tailor your hour to you!

With Adjustments

Yoga has so many health benefits for mind, body and soul. Through breathing techniques, mindfulness, opening and strengthening the body you gain an all around multi-faceted health game changer! There are many styles of yoga, and not every style is for everyone…thus is why working with a professional one on one can give you the proper guidance to a new and healthy you during these crazy times.

Meditation & Breathwork

Awesome – great – can’t wait!!! But, how do you book? Easy peazy! Pushna offers the booking schedule, packages to purchase and links to Zoom classes all on one platform – Vagaro. From there you buy a package or session and then pick your date and time. If there isn’t anything you see, go ahead and give her a call! She loves to hear from her clients and talk with them prior anyway – 989-327-4688.

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