14-Day Yoga Pose Balance Challenge for Inner Peace

Life is hectic for most of us. Whether its our jobs, our families, gatherings, pressure for this and that, memories etc… its all things to throw us off balance. Use these next 14 days to practice these 14 balancing yoga poses to establish your inner and outer balance. It’ll help you become a more peaceful and enjoyable version of yourself. This is the perfect prep before the holidays or a big stressful life event like the holidays or a wedding.

For the next 14 days we challenge ourselves physically – and maybe mentally having to hold ourselves accountable IS THE CHALLENGE – we allow an opportunity to find our creativity in where we pose, taking time to play and explore with our body as well as our minds, and make sure you have fun while doing so! It takes focus to find balance. Focus on simple breath, a point in space to keep your attention on and then move into that posture/asana and that is the way to calm the mind so you can…Find that elusive BALANCE 🤩 within self, to therefore bring balance to our life.


We held this challenge in November 2023 daily posts for each pose, offering prizes for winners who shared the most photos and tagged @PUSHNAWELLNESS and ONE OR MORE FRIENDS to challenge & play with you – using the hashtag #️⃣ #FBwPushna23.

While the contest is over, you can participate in this challenge any time, anywhere. We’d love to continue to see you take on the challenge – finding balance in life and on the mat.

  1. Take a picture of yourself doing the pose of the day! Get creative!
  2. Share the picture on Instagram & Facebook.
  3. In the caption make sure you tag @PUSHNAWELLNESS and #️⃣ #FBwPushna23
  4. Tag one or more friendn and encourage them to play along.

Daily poses:

woman doing bird dog yoga pose

🐦 Bird/Dog

Start in table top (hands an knees). Straighten the one leg back behind you, staying on the ball of the back foot. Extend the opposite arm out front, fingers on the mat. Hug the belly muscles in around the spine, and lift the extended arm and leg no higher than the hips. Hold for a few breaths or option to crunch knee to elbow. Return to table. Repeat on the other side.

woman doing awkward airplane pose

🛬 Awkward Airplane

Start in Table Pose (hands under shoulders, knees under hips) and open the opposite arm and leg out to the side, no higher than the hips. Repeat on the other side. Be sure to warm up the shoulders and hips first!

woman doing boat pose

⛵️ Boat Pose

Start seated and plant the feet on the floor. Keep the spine long and core engaged as you rock back on the sitting bones and lift feet off the floor. Keep the knees bent or extend them out straight for an extra challenge! Don’t forget to breathe fully and deeply!

woman doing upright seated angle pose

🧘‍♀️ Upright Seated Angle

Start in a seated butterfly pose. Hook your peace fingers around your big toes. Tilt back and balance on your sit bones. Straighten legs or keep them slightly bent.

woman doing flowering lotus pose

🪷 Flowering Lotus

Start in a seated butterfly pose. Hook your arms under the legs, holding the feet. Rock back onto sitting bones then release the bind on the feet to open the legs out to the side. Finally, place hands in Jnana Mudra with the tips of the index finger and thumb together.

woman doing side plank pose

💪 Side Plank

 Start in plank pose, engage the whole core. Roll onto the outside edge of one foot so it’s pointed to the long edge of the mat (or plant the foot) and stack the hips. Lift through the side body as you press into the hand on the ground. Place the other hand on the hip or lift it up to the sky, or possibly even reach for the big toe of the top foot and extend the leg up. 

woman doing toe pose

🦶 Toe Pose

Start standing on the knees. Tuck all 5 toes and sit back onto the heels, bringing the upper body above the hips, spine long. Place palms together at the heart center. 

woman doing fierce toe pose balance

💪🦶 Fierce Toe Pose

Start in equal standing pose with feet together or hip distance apart for more stability. Bend in the knees and sit the hips back into your invisible chair. Lift up onto the toes. Hands can be at heart center or lift them up overhead for an extra challenge.

woman doing eagle pose balance

🦅 Eagle Pose

Start in an equal standing pose with feet hip distance apart. Bend both knees and sit the hips back. Lift one foot up and cross it over the standing leg, hooking the top of the foot behind the calf (or set the foot on a block on the outside of your standing leg). Extend the arms out and cross them at the elbow, the top arm will be the opposite side as the standing leg. Bring the palms together. Option to bring hands to opposite shoulders if limited shoulder mobility. 

woman doing side stretch balance pose

🤸‍♀️ Side Stretch Balance

Start in an equal standing pose. Lift the arms up ahead and take a side bend over to one side, bumping the hips to the opposite side. Hold here or lift the opposite leg off to the side. Keep the body in a single plane, do not round the chest forward.

🌗 Half Moon

Start in Trikonasana/Triangle pose with the front foot facing the front of the mat and the front hand on a block or the Earth. Gaze down at the front foot and place the opposite hand on the hip. Bend into the front leg, lean a bit forward, and lift off the back leg. Twist the torso open, stacking the hips. Try it against a wall for extra balance and alignment support. 

woman balancing in airplane / warrior three pose

🛩 Airplane

Start standing with feet together. Balance weight on one leg and lift the other back behind you until it’s level with the hips. Options to bring the arms level with the hips either out to the sides like wings, or keep them close to the body at your sides, or even in prayer for extra stability and inward reflection. Don’t forget to breathe and keep those legs and core strong! 

woman balancing on one leg in dancer pose

🕺💃 Dancer

Start standing at the front of the mat. Bring weight into one leg as you bend the knee on the other leg, bringing the foot to the butt. Reach for the outside of the foot with the hand on that same side. Press the foot into the hand and hand into the foot, lifting the leg up higher – the torso will naturally lean forward. Stay here for a few breaths. Option to use a chair or wall with the other hand for balance support. 

woman balancing on one leg in tree pose and she is smiling

🌳🌴🌲 Tree Pose

Start standing in equal standing pose, Samasthiti, with palms at heart center. Begin to pour the weight into one leg as you lift the other leg up, bringing the sole of the foot either onto the shin or thigh (you can use your hands to bring it up there). Do not put the foot on the knee! Press the foot into the leg, leg into foot, and breathe. You can keep hands at heart center, lightly touch a wall or chair or wall for balance support, or explore lifting them up in the sky, or even waving them side to side!