Pushna Wellness was founded in 2019 by Jess Dues. She had a vision of wellness and independence, not yet clear in January, yet she began creating a brand and website and also not knowing where it would lead. Fast forward and there now is a very clear vision, with a new home for many to practice and create a safe place where they are able to come and share space, mindfulness and movement via Yoga, Spin, Boxing, Massage & Reiki. Formerly in Canterbury Village, now located right off M24 in Lake Orion. We are across the street from Dunhams and right next to Lake Orion Nutrition & Smoothie bar.

Find out more by following the social media links below or perusing the site. So many exciting things are happening and evolving…stay tuned! Also you can understand more about Pushna’s Foundation and how it evolved by checking out WHY PUSHNA?