Jess is a fun loving energetic mother and wellness professional who has enjoyed fitness of all varieties, participating and teaching for over 15 years. She is an active outgoing individual, always searching for scenic and unique locations to enjoy the peace and stillness of nature. Recently she has begun a new journey she has wanted to do for years. It all began when the most wonderful little gem fell into her lap, which is now her home base where you will find her teaching and running her wellness business in the quaint adorable Canterbury Village, located in Lake Orion, MI.

6 short years ago, Jess did not imagine her life to include a passion for stillness, breath, and movement of Yoga. She was first introduced to the practice of Yoga in a combined cycling and yoga class, and as she says, “It was Uncomfortable and SO SLOW! Definitely did NOT feel like my typical thing. I didn’t really care for it.” However, she was committed to seeing this new class through.

Then, right in the middle of a hip opener – Frog pose to be exact – it hit her.  The focus, stillness, and oneness she felt with her body and the Earth – it unlocked something beautiful and new within her. The part of her soul that craved peace and calm within her busy, determined life.  Jess soon after achieved the honor of being a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor, completing over 200 hours of training to be a safe, knowledgeable teacher across many styles of Yoga. Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha are styles that she teaches in. She has been spreading her love and passion to move the body and heal within the yoga practice ever since and is now pursuing her yoga Medics 200 Hour certification. This will permit her the ability to work with trauma, injuries, PTSD and various other patients.

If you ask Jess what her favorite part of teaching Yoga is, she will tell you that being able to help calm individuals busy minds, all while opening up their body and hearts and help cope with pain. Restorative and yin yoga is her favorite to teach. Within her teachings, she has developed specialized classes for veterans, athletes, business professionals, people with injuries, seniors and children. She demonstrates the beauty in learning to be still, all while opening the bodies, minds, and hearts of the practitioners in her classes.

Fitness has been a lifelong journey and Jess, and much like her Yoga Practice, her journey continues to grow and evolve. From boxing, to spin, to interval and weight training, to her Yoga Classes, Corporate Yoga Sessions and One on One Yoga Classes, Jess brings to the table an understanding of variety, and how it keeps things exciting and fresh on the long path to lifelong fitness. Here is what Jess says that all students of hers should know: “Each class will be different because each day WE are different. We will strive to keep in mind the end goal; to find peace and stillness within, while we connect with our body.”

In her free time, you will likely find Jess being creative!  She loves painting, jewelry making, and cooking for her kids! She also loves to explore beautiful places with excellent views like Holland, Traverse City, and Port Austin. She loves to play games, especially Boggle! You may find her in her free time on a trail or at a beach or curled up with a good book alongside her Chocolate Lab, Tootsie and kids.

My fam… doing what we love, by what we love!
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