Why 1-on-1 Yoga?

Does the term 1-on-1 yoga scare you? Eyes solely on you, right? Or does it excite you thinking that you get ALL the attention and focus? No matter your mindset there, you won’t regret dedicating an hour to yourself for YOURSELF.

And what if you don’t know a thing about yoga, are the most inflexible person you know and just don’t feel comfortable in yoga pants?! That is perfectly ok, Jess’ specialty actually. Having a conversation with her to talk about where you are and what your needs may be will help find the right path and cadence for you. Once comfortable you can be confident and ready to hop into a Zoom class she offers multiple times a week – or before to see her style! (Which most of her classes are beginner based and guide you slowly through the poses and stretching.)

Before Adjustments

With Jess, of Pushna Wellness, you are guaranteed to leave the cozy quaint studio feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and STRETCHED! Her background is in Gentle (Hatha), Yin, Ashtanga and therapeutic yoga styles. She focuses on not only your poses, but your needs and expectations for the hour. If you have stress or anxiety (who doesn’t these days, right?!), there will be focus on mindfulness and breathwork. Lower back, shoulder or hips issues or discomforts? Poses to suit your relief and help ease pain! Or maybe you are more advanced in your practice and you want someone to help you grow and master certain poses – maybe balances and flows, or focusing more on your breath with movement. Jess can tailor your hour to you!

With Adjustments

Yoga has so many health benefits for mind, body and soul. Through breathing techniques, mindfulness, opening and strengthening the body you gain an all around multi-faceted health game changer! There are many styles of yoga, and not every style is for everyone…thus is why working with a professional one on one can give you the proper guidance to a new and healthy you during these crazy times.

Meditation & Breathwork

Awesome – great – can’t wait!!! But, how do you book? Easy peazy! Pushna offers the booking schedule, packages to purchase and links to Zoom classes all on one platform – Vagaro. From there you buy a package or session and then pick your date and time. If there isn’t anything you see, go ahead and give her a call! She loves to hear from her clients and talk with them prior anyway – 989-327-4688.

Tree Pose: Root in to Rise Up

In honor of Earth Day today, we invite the Pushna Family to celebrate Tree Pose with us through a Tree Pose Challenge! This foundational pose is exactly what’s needed during quarantine – grounding while uplifting. Share photos of you and yours practicing tree pose – wherever you are – for a chance to win some great prizes. We will randomly select winners. 


  1. One free week of unlimited yoga classes at Pushna Wellness
  2. Pushna Swag Bag
  3. Meditation Journal

How to Participate: 

  1. Share a photo of you doing tree pose
  2. Check in at Pushna Wellness on Facebook or Instagram
  3. Tag 3 people to join the challenge

Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do Tree Pose. 

Helpful tips as you watch the video:  

  • Start in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) with feet hip distance apart.
  • Move off the mat and practice on a hard surface (tile, hardwood).
  • Start tree pose with your toes on the Earth to first establish your alignment, then work your foot onto the calf or thigh if you feel stable (just NOT the knee).
  • Press the foot into the leg, leg into the foot. 
  • Bring your awareness to your feet grounding in and the spine lifts up and rises out of the pelvis
  • Keep the hips centered over the feet vs. shooting out to the side to counterbalance
  • Smile and relax the jaw and face!

Corona Whiplash & Mindset Shift

Whoa! What in the Sam hill just happened in the course of less than a month? For starters our kids are unable to return to school to complete this year and HOME days upon days with us parents who are now trying to navigate home work life AND being a teacher…along with trying to stay healthy. We are being told we can’t leave our homes in fear we will spread a virus that is dominating the news and consuming every aspect of our lives. People have lost jobs, and for some odd reason, we can’t find toilet paper to save our lives. The world has halted. And honestly, most days it is kind of nice having this change of pace, I have to admit. How can you say that you may think? Read on my friends… read on.

Mindset Shift

Pause & close your eyes…now breathe.

Have you ever stopped and closed your eyes in the middle of a consuming thought to shift your focus onto something more productive or steer it away from going down the rabbit hole? Shifting your mindset to the new un-norm is something we all need to find time to pause and do. To allow the feeling of panic and fear to dissipate and allow our minds to see the good that can come from this. (And I am here to tell you, I have found so much good in even the smallest of things lately with all this time to JUST BE.) Since we can’t change it, why constantly share and spread worry? Does it make you feel better to share your concerns with the world in a time we really need love and support? If you struggle with this, bringing a mindful practice into your day can change so much. Maybe not instantaneously, but it will begin to have impact with each tiny effort.

Ways to shift your mindset:

  • Move the body anyway you can
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Workout
  • Walks
  • Deep breathing
  • Journal anything that comes to mind
  • Read positive articles/books/quotes
  • Talk to someone that uplifts you
  • Join a new virtual community (see below – Pushna is ONLINE!)

As you see, while it is not the same to be visiting with our fellow yogi’s via an online platform, it still soothes the soul to connect! We have developed a schedule to adjust to our lives as they are now. Shifting our mindset on how yoga “should be” and into a how can we be! And here we are. We are running an Easter special along with New Student specials to try out our platform. Once we -reopen all passes will be valid in the studio and online! We also record the teacher during our sessions so you have access to re-watch the videos as well!

Pushna Virtual Class Schedule

Should I Do Prenatal Yoga?

If you are reading this, we would like to say first and foremost congratulations on your pregnancy! We hesitate to make generalizations, but you’re probably in one of two camps. You may be a regular yoga practitioner who wants to know more about prenatal yoga and continuing your practice through pregnancy. Or you’re new (or new-ish) to yoga and you’re looking for tried and true ways to stay healthy and prepare your changing body for childbirth. 

Either way, you’re on an incredible journey that is 100% unique to you. Prenatal yoga is a growing trend for a reason. It is an inclusive, supportive environment designed to help expecting mommas-to-be prepare their mind and body for childbirth and motherhood. There is no prior yoga experience required to start practicing yoga during pregnancy – and a prenatal yoga class is geared toward both audiences. You will experience the teachings in different ways and learn from each other. 

I am new to yoga:

There is no better time to immerse yourself in yoga than during pregnancy. Sure, you would eventually learn the basics of yoga postures and principles attending regular yoga classes, but a prenatal yoga class is going to cover all the bases – from breath work to proper alignment in poses to tapping into your intuitive self. In prenatal yoga, we approach these slowly and with great intention, so it is a perfect foundation for building a lifelong yoga practice to stay balanced in mind and body. 

I already practice yoga:

As a regular yoga practitioner, you probably have a pretty good sense of what your body can handle. If you are feeling up for it, you can still attend most of your regular yoga classes and just make modifications for your changing body. Check with your yoga teachers and consult with your doctor so you are comfortable making modifications to the poses that are generally a contraindication of pregnancy, such as closed twists, inversions, lying on the back or belly, deep backbends, and certain breathing techniques. I would also avoid hot yoga and too much stretching in the ligaments and joints with yin postures. 

But in a prenatal yoga class, you’ll be among a group of women who are all in the same boat … without having to find a modification for boat pose (because we won’t be teaching it!). These classes are specially designed for your bump and this monumental change in your life. The change of pace and deep internal work of the mind and body will be a new challenge to take your yoga practice to a whole new level.  

Pregnancy is a very empowering time when our purpose truly becomes bigger than us. Not only are we growing a new life, but through this rite of passage of pregnancy and childbirth we become a part of a powerful community of other moms and moms-to-be, as well as a growing community of people who specialize in holistic ways to support women in their childbearing years. 

Want to learn more? Pushna Wellness is hosting its first prenatal workshop on Sunday, March 1 from 1-3 p.m. Sign up here: Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Sunday, March 1

1-3 p.m.

Cost: $40

Teachers: Cj Campbell and Megan Elizabeth

Min: 3, Max: 12

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Join us for a 2-hour prenatal yoga workshop designed for expectant mothers in their second or third trimester. This workshop is open to all experience levels – no prior yoga experience required! What to expect: 

  • Connect with other mommas-to-be through guided discussion
  • Experience a basic level yoga class designed for the pregnant mind and body
  • Introduction to pelvic floor exercises to aid in childbirth and recovery
  • Light refreshments (tea, coffee, plant -based treats)

Pushna Wellness’ Official “Grand Opening”!

Join the Pushna Wellness crew, city officials and fellow community members for this free event featuring food and drinks from Freedom Kitchen. We will also have health professionals onsite for questions and concerns on the practice and health, and learn more about the “New Yogi” special available ONLY for purchase during the grand opening. This exciting event will take place January 23rd, ribbon cutting is at 4:30PM but join us prior to socialize and enjoy special deals and food!

“We welcome all levels to come and nourish their soul under the guidance of our certified yoga & fitness instructors and among our growing community of yogis,” says Jess Dues, owner and operator of Pushna Wellness. “Our team is here to nurture your yoga practice, and help create an experience, not only a class. Whether you have been practicing your whole life or you’re looking to get started and experience the benefits yoga offers your mind and body.” Jess has a background and education in alignment, helping with trauma, pain and injuries.

Space is limited for the Grand Opening. Please RSVP to Jess Dues at 989-327-4688 or jess@pushnawellness.com. You can also respond via the Facebook event.

What are people saying?

“My friend and I tried this new yoga studio on Monday and loved everything about it. The space is tranquil and charming. The owner/instructor, Jess, led us through an amazing practice with precise verbal cues. Her playlist was also fantastic. We really need more yoga options in this area and Pushna is a must-try!” – Tamara Clark Kayyod

“Went to my first ever yoga class and can tell you this place was fantastic. Setting was calming and Jess was very helpful in getting me in the right poses to maximize my benefits. Would highly recommend Pushna Wellness. Look forward to my next class” – Matthew Kominars

“Everyone kept recommending yoga for my balance, mindfulness and exercise. Pushna Wellness classes really helped me with all of the above. Good place for new students and from what I hear the experienced ones as well. Thank you!” – Jason Womack

About Pushna Wellness:

Pushna Wellness honors the sacred traditions of mindfulness and your physical connection to the moment. We strive to elevate, heal, and energize our clients in our offerings of yoga, coaching, seminars, and events. Visit pushnawellness.com for a current schedule of classes and events. Pushna Wellness is located in the “Pink House” in Canterbury Village at 2366 Joslyn Court in Lake Orion, MI 48360. Contact us at 989-327-4688.

Why Practice Ashtanga Yoga

It’s the turn of the new year, and new decade, and I hope you take a moment out of your goal setting for a little reflection. I first started exploring yoga over 10 years ago and until this past year, I will admit that my practice was usually sporadic at best, leveraging birthday and anniversary passes, Groupons, and discounted yoga packages that I’ve been able to stretch out longer than I should have. 
Whether you’re into yoga purely for the physical benefits or you want to go deeper – like anything –  it is hard to achieve the results you’re looking for so long as it’s a once-in-awhile activity. It’s going to come when you establish a regular practice. 
Enter, Ashtanga yoga. I will be offering a short form Ashtanga practice weekly at Pushna starting in January.  Want to come check it out? Here are three big reasons I encourage you to do so in the new year: 

CJ Leading Ashtanga
  1. Get a sneak peek into yoga philosophy to deepen your practice and learn the skills to take it off the mat. Ashtanga actually means “eight limbs” when you break down the sanskrit name. Ashta = eight and anga = limbs. The asanas, or postures as part of the physical practice, are just one of those limbs. A short form ashtanga class is centered around the asanas, breath, and inner focus that are fundamental to deepening your understanding of yogic philosophy or lifestyle. I realized 10 years later that it was these little nuggets of wisdom shared by my yoga teachers during intense postures or settling into a resting pose were what kept me coming back. Well, that and the temple massage during savasana. 
  1. It’s the same every single week. A short form Ashtanga class at your local studio will be the same sequence of poses each week – based on the Ashtanga Primary Series. Even if you bounce around to different studios, the sequencing won’t change much. You will warm up with sun salutations before going into a set of standing postures, then finish out with a selection of seated postures. The more you go, the more second nature it becomes. You become confident in your ability. You’ll feel your progress over the weeks, months, and years. You’ll notice different cues that will help you settle into the postures. Your movement transitioning from one posture to the next becomes a dance. You’ll think less about “doing it right” and you’re free to curiously explore the subtleties of what’s happening in your body and mind. This is the state where the magic happens. In my experience, you can learn how to get to this state in an Ashtanga class and then take that skill with you to other styles of yoga classes (and eventually, into your everyday).

  2. It’s the same every single week. Didn’t she just say that? Yes, I’m trying to prove a point. While nothing quite compares to the energy and vibes you can get at a yoga studio, we can’t always get there. Having a short form ashtanga practice in your back pocket makes your home (or on-the-go) practice more accessible. If you know your short form series, you don’t need to take a teacher training course or load up an app on your phone (and all of its distractions) to know that you’re practicing a safe and beneficial sequence. 

Short form Ashtanga starts at Pushna Wellness on Monday, January 6 at 7 a.m. Register on MindBody today!

About the Author

Hi! I’m Colleen (aka CJ) Campbell and I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I completed my RYT 200 yoga instructor training at White Lotus Healing & Yoga and am currently leading three weekly classes at Pushna Wellness including Ashtanga, Rise and Flow, and Vin-Yin. Check out the schedule and book a class today.

Winter Blues – Give Me Good News!

It’s the end of December and all of us are in the holiday lulls of feeling bloated, over partied and ready for a fresh start, am I right? The weather, while here in Michigan has given us some more than pleasant sunny days typically for December, still just quite isn’t that warm breeze, sunny day feel. Which is why during this time it is such a great opportunity to hone into the New Year, New You band wagon everyone gets into…why? Because if gives you focus and a newfound purpose to push through these winter blues!

How might one be able to do that here in Michigan you may think… well, getting in shape thankfully (to prepare for said missed sunny summer weather) is quite easy. With the number of home workouts and Youtube videos you have at your fingertips I say – more power to anyone motivated enough to hop into it alone and push through. While attainable, it is still not so fun. Joining a gym is always an option – but WHICH ONE (I do have a personal fav here in Lake Orion – NXT Powerhouse for the win – but again personal preference)? There are so many options with various memberships and classes along with equipment and even types of people who work out at each location. What to choose?!

But let’s not forget us boutique nooks specializing in various types of workouts and routines, much like YOGA! Here at Pushna Wellness it has never been easier to join as a member that fits YOUR schedule and what you’re looking to achieve activity wise. Want to dedicate once a week? Wonderful – we’ve got you! Want to hit us up twice a week? Grand, option for that as well!! Oh and for those who get a little addicted to our yoga experience and want to hit the mat 3+ times a week, and reap an event discount – um YES we have that too!!! Check out our pricing page here for more options and opportunity for you to join an intimate and empowering growing community right here in Lake Orion’s own Canterbury Village. That’s right – the Pink House now has been transformed into a little escape from your every day life.

2020 is bringing fantastic changes for our Pushna Family. New classes, teachers and amazing retreats and events for you to check out! We look forward to setting goals with you and creating a new place to call your home away from home! And if you need help setting any of those goals and are in need of a coach to hold you accountable, Pushna’s very own Jess Dues helps provide guidance, accountability and questions to help you really dig deep into what you are after in your life! So cheers to the New Year & New You – Bring it on 2020!

Fall Back, Into Your Health

Summer time has come and gone, fall is quickly passing us by and the winter season is fast approaching. We just set our clocks back to adjust to this time of year. That time where you get cozy in your sweatshirts, wear those stretchy pants and hide under the layers of clothing until January 1st rolls around and we all set those resolutions. Sound about right? Why wait until then to stay on track? Yes, there will be parties, and yes there will be lots of food and drinks – and that is OK! Learning how to make smarter choices and having a support system is where your community you surround yourself can come into play.

Encircling yourself with people who have the same goals and want the same things in life is inspiring and makes those choices so much easier when the time comes. This fall (and soon to be winter) grab a friend and come make a commitment together to take your health and wellness back into your own hands, mind body and spirit! When you and your friend (or just you) come in together, we can set up goals and outcomes we want to achieve. That way as New Years Eve rounds the corner, we can have bigger goals and feel healthier inside and out – even with cookie, fudge, stuffing and drinking galore season behind us.

Pushna offers 30 day detox/cleanse programs you can join. And this month they extended 20% off Preferred Client Discounts fee for a year when you order the program ($29 off)! We can set you up for a day by day guided online group with you and your community or join one that is already in play – we would love to have you and encourage you on your fitness journey. In addition, if you join the 30 day program – receive 40% off an unlimited month of yoga!

Contact Jess for more details on either the program or classes with the Pushna Community and lets work together to get your health on track!

Jess Welcomes Pushna Followers

Thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to new followers, guests and people interested in possibly taking a class in the new space called Pushna Wellness. Located in the heart of the quaint Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, presently the Pink house is where we call “home.”

I have been teaching yoga now for 5 years and practicing for about 7. Health and fitness has been a priority for me since my younger years after being a little on the fluffy side(yes – fluffy – ha!) However, I am still not too shy to down a pizza or a steak every now and then. Yes, I love yoga and am not a vegetarian, maybe one day. I do cleanses from time to time and allow my body to take time away from those foods but all and all – I live a fairly balanced life. I am who I am and those who appreciate an honest down to earth person, will appreciate my approach to life in general. I am of Christian faith but do not push that on anyone who chooses to practice with me. Your journey is your journey and I would be more than happy to share mine – but would never tell you how to live yours (unless you’re hiring me as your coach – in which case – there may be some guiding words – haha!)

Recently opening this space and a new business, selling my house and moving into a new town has been quite the experience for my children and I. Side bar note on them for a moment, they are honestly the two most amazing little humans I know. Always so helpful, loving and kind (most the time – they are pre-teens after all) I was blessed beyond belief. Exciting things are in our future I am certain. This place and people here have so much great energy I can not wait to share with the community.

Getting the word to the public about our space is my next big task. The world needs more love, kindness and knowledge and I am certain my space here at Pushna can and will be and offer that for so many people. We have classes ranging from Gentle and meditation based to high energy Rise & Flow and BOYO (boxing integrated with yoga). There will be truly a class for everyone. The space holds about 16 people snuggly and we have props for each person who is present. There are package offerings and option to do a monthly auto-pay at a discount if you wish to pop in whenever the unlimited options are perfect! We also offer various coaching and one on one yoga.

My goal is to get out a blog once maybe twice a month. Looking to dive deeper into each class and introduce those to you. Also share a bit about myself along the way… Stay tuned – more to come! Have an amazing day!

It’s Your Time… Aim Plot It Out

One month, two month…three going on four! My oh my has time flown by! So sorry to keep so many out in the dark, it’s been a crazy busy few months to say the least with so much changing on my end – some for the good and some debatable… depending on how you view things.

Which leads me to my topic today – TIME. “What are you up to?” “What’s new?” “What’s going on?” All these questions are typically how we go about starting a conversation. And if you think about it and answer it thoughtfully instead of the typical “not much” or whatever the norm is for your response – what is it that YOU ARE DOING?


With it being a new year, a clean slate it’s time for reflection on where our time is being utilized in our lives. I look back and can see lots of hours invested in working out, activities with my kids, vacationing with loved ones, pursuing and building on new and old relationships, spiritual growth – all on the more beneficial side. Then there were those moments wasted in my eyes spent scrolling through newsfeeds, tears shed on those not worthy of any second of my time, clicking from pointless article to pointless article that proves to be for little or no betterment as a human being – just plain time waste nonsense.

That signals there needs to be a change in how I go about planning my days, my hours my minutes… MY LIFE! Although I’m very goal oriented it’s easy to get side tracked and doing things that simply are of no benefit. With our hours numbered on Earth how can any of us go day to day without a plan? There’s a purpose each one of us are here, I truly believe that, so if you dig deep within yourself to pull out what you have to offer not only yourself but others, you begin to see how you can use your minutes to get to a point where you can truly fulfill YOUR purpose.

Who doesn’t want to feel as if their existence has reason…a meaning? Everyone wants to know they have impacted this world in some facet or another. There’s something that makes you tick, that keeps you going, what is it? What’s Up? What are you DOING?

This video link below has been found on blogs and sites… some may or may not have seen this but it’s eye opening nonetheless. All I know is it really puts into perspective a visual and insight as to how much time we have to fulfill our goals, desires our deepest passions… Aim for the stars, and then plot out how you will get there!