Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga – Not comfortable getting up and down off the floor? Does yoga intimidate you in general? Looking for something to help you as you recover from illness, injury, trauma? Chair yoga can help you achieve the mind and body altering experience of yoga even with physical limitations. Jess has been teaching this to school staff, children, seniors and friends to help them realize the potential they have to stretch and relax even IN a chair! One on One’s available: contact jess@pushnawellness.com.

Gentle Yoga – A grounding, floor-based yoga practice. Move mindfully and stretch in a relaxing environment as you prepare for the week ahead. Beginners encouraged!

Kids Yoga – This class playfully explores yoga asanas (postures), breathing techniques, and mindfulness games – all great tools for kids to cope with stress. They’ll also develop strength, flexibility, and proprioception. This class is geared toward kids ages 8-17.

Power Flow – Find your inner strength and power as you flow, hold poses and use your breath to discover balance in mind, body and soul.

Prenatal Yoga – Prenatal yoga is designed to help the mom-to-be gain greater breath and body awareness helpful in birth and recovery. Some well known benefits of practicing yoga in pregnancy include: improved sleep; decreased stress and anxiety; increased strength; flexibility and endurance; decreased lower back pain and shortness of breath. All levels, beginners welcome. Book a private class. Learn more and see schedule on our Prenatal Yoga page. * Now included in unlimited yoga and wellness packages

Simply Yoga – Learn new poses and deepen your understanding of alignment as you begin to flow at a pace that works for your body. Options are offered to modify and take deeper to accommodate your experience level. All levels, beginners welcome.

Trapeze/Yoga In a Swing– Using a trapeze swing (a silk hammock) we explore aerial yoga poses, from standing to seated, to full inversions (aka traction). It is a fun and unique way to use your own body weight to find deep stretches. * Only included in unlimited wellness package

Vin/Yin – A beautiful union of movement and stillness, this class warms the body a short vinyasa style flow while allowing time for longer holds in restorative poses to release tension and sink into the connective tissues. All levels, beginners welcome.

Yin Yoga – Allow your body to gracefully enter poses and remain there for several minutes – allowing the mind and body to find stillness as you unlock and release tensions. You will be able to relax, restore and discover yourself in ways you have never anticipated. All levels, beginners welcome.

Yin & Massage – Enjoy a 90-minute yin yoga class in our candlelit space while a licensed massage therapist and your yoga instructor offer adjustments and light massage in each pose. If you rather not be adjusted that is also ok. * Not included in unlimited memberships.

Yoga-Lates – A blended class that takes you through a yoga sequence while incorporating Pilates exercises to strengthen the entire body and mind.

Fitness Classes

Boxing  –  Work through 45 minutes of cardio and boxing rounded out with warmups, ab work, and cool down stretches. Beginners will learn basic punches and movements to properly understand how to hit a punching bag.  *This class requires gloves and hand wraps. Some may be available to rent/purchase onsite – call in advance if needed. 

BOYO  (Boxing & Yoga) – Mix your love of boxing with YOGA! Get in a great cardio and core workout with the gloves on and end the class with yoga – stretching out all those worked muscles. *This class requires gloves and hand wraps. Some may be available to rent/purchase onsite – call in advance if needed.

Cycle/Spinning – A high energy, high intensity cardio workout to help you burn calories and build strength and endurance. 

Spin & Strength – In this class you get 30 minutes on the bike and then head to the floor for light weights and body weight exercises.

Spin & Yin – Discover both sides of your yin & yang. Burn off some energy in a 30 minute session spin taking you through speed and climb intervals, then ease off the bike to find your inner zen and restore the body through deep stretches that a Yin yoga practice offers.

Trifecta Fit (Boxing/Spin/Yoga) – Want to discover an extraordinary and fun all-over body workout? Start with 20 minutes of boxing to warm up the upper body. Then hop onto the bikes and work those legs! Cap the class with 20 minutes of yin yoga to restore and stretch your worked muscles. *Class may have an extra 15 minute window to provide time to transition and wrap hands for the boxing portion. 


Join us on a healing journey this October in the Costa Rica jungle next to the ocean. Payment options available. Limited spaces – reserve your space today!

Private Events

Have a fun event or party with a group of friends, family or colleagues! Need a new idea for something to do with friends? Bachelorette parties? Yep! Birthday parties? YES! Girls Night Out? YESSS! Girl Scout Troop event? Absolutely! We can help you make any special occasion extra special with a private yoga class or series.

Book a private event.

Book private 1-on-1 yoga or fitness.

Corporate Yoga

Taking some time during your workday, whether it is 30 minutes or an hour to stretch, move the body and work on calming stress management is proven to help you through the workday. Corporate Yoga is an incredible way to instill a culture of mindfulness, movement, and support. It is also a way to express to your staff your commitment to a workplace where peace and ease are normal, where mental and physical health is a top priority. We will work together to create a program that’s just right for your company and employees. Book a corporate yoga event.

Paddleboard Yoga

Pushna partners with Game On Paddleboard in Lake Orion & Oxford for a unique SUP Yoga experience on the water at various local lakes. You are using balance and nature as your focus to guide you through a fun class for all levels. Most classes are anchored in shallow waters. Group events and One on One lessons. See more info and schedule on our SUP page. Contact Jess@pushnawellness.com for more information or 989-327-4688.

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