Find your Zen.

Restorative Yin classes

This class is near and dear to my heart and can help restore you from a long stressful day or week or even help you work through trauma. Everyone is always go go go. Being with yourself, in a still practice with deep postures allows room for growth on so many levels – I have witnessed so much of this in my own life and practice!

Corporate Yoga

Are you TOO Busy at work? Is your team mentally drained? Is teamwork becoming difficult? Taking some time during your workday, whether it is 30 minutes or an hour to stretch, move the body and work on calming stress management is proven to help you through your workday. Corporate Yoga is an incredible way to instill a culture of mindfulness, movement, and support. It is also a way to express to your staff your commitment to a workplace where peace and ease are normal, where mental and physical health is a top priority. For these sessions, I will travel to your place of work and either teach or help create a program for your corporation to implement.

Employees finding peace within.

Types of Classes Offered

Chair Yoga

Not comfortable getting up and down off the floor? Does yoga intimidate you in general? Looking for something to help you as you recover from illness, injury, trauma? Chair yoga is your safe bet to a great mind and body altering experience on all those fronts. Jess has been teaching this to school staff, children, seniors and friends to help them realize the potential they have to stretch and relax even IN a chair!


Gentle floor based practice where you can allow your mind to free and body to relax as you move through postures to feel a little less tense and stressed as you head back into the world. All levels!


Allow your mind to be guided through breath work and a meditation. Taking you on the journey your mind may need to escape for a moment and restore you to a state of calm, peace and clarity. Light movement may be added to get you into the mindset, but very minimal. If you have ever been curious or are interested in meditation sign-up and let us take you on a journey.

Rise & Flow

Rise and shine with Pushna family as we guide you through a early morning routine to help you brightly shine through your day with a flow to invigorate the mind, body and soul. **Beginners welcome – movement will be a quicker pace than slow flow.

Slow Flow

Allow your body and mind to be guided through a slowly structured asana class, where you can learn new poses and learn to flow at a pace that works for your body. For anyone!


A beautiful union of movement and stillness created to help you open into tight places through pausing and feeling your body and then moving that energy through your body and experience the beauty of releasing what no longer serves you and energizing your body with the flow of movement.


Allowing your body to gracefully enter poses and remain there while your mind also has to be still…is a wonderful way to open passages and gateways within the body and mind. You will be able to relax, restore and discover yourself in ways you have never anticipated. Yin is an experience like no other yoga class and is by far a unique and a true way to unlock and release.

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