Every studio and every gym has its norms and nuances. We’ve put together this FAQ to help you get an idea of what to expect when you walk in the doors at Pushna Wellness – from the basic logistics to taking the guesswork out of etiquette. We want you and all of our clients to be comfortable and confident that you’re getting the most out of your time here. 

If we haven’t quite answered your questions here, you can always contact us


There are separate entrances for the yoga and massage side (1292 S. Lapeer) and the fitness, reiki and sauna side (1290 S. Lapeer). Both entrances and parking are around the back of the building. 

Arrival time

Doors will be propped open 10-15 minutes before class starts and will be closed and locked promptly at the start of class. We do this to ensure the safety and security of our clients, teachers and belongings. Plan to arrive at least a few minutes before the class starts. 

Allow yourself this time to check in with the instructor (we do not have a front desk), make any payments or updates to your membership, place belongings into cubbies, use the restroom, and settle in (or gear up) for class so that it can start on time. If this is your first visit, you will also need a few minutes to complete the paper waiver before class.

Shoes and belongings

All street shoes must be put into cubbies or left in the lobby area. There are no shoes allowed in the yoga room. Clean gym shoes are required for the fitness room. Shoes must also be removed before entering the reiki, shower and sauna rooms. Please silence all phones and smart watches and leave them in the cubbies.  

Late arrival 

It happens, sometimes we are just running late. Please call ahead to let us know if you’re running behind and we will do what we can to accommodate. We do not have staff at the desk, so there is no guarantee that the teacher will hold the door after the class start time.

Respectful conversations

We love being a place where clients and teachers make connections with one another. It’s not just a class, it’s a community. With that said, please be mindful that the yoga practice room is a place for self-awareness and introspection. There also may be clients in the massage room or a class finishing up in savasana when you arrive. Keeping conversations to a minimum before class helps others turn their attention inward in preparation for a peaceful class. Side conversations, and especially certain topics, can be quite distracting and even unsettling. 


While drop ins are always a welcome surprise, it is very helpful when clients pre-register for classes. This helps our teachers prepare the space and any props or equipment needed. As class popularity continues to rise, this also ensures your space in the class.

Late Cancellation and No Shows

When you sign up for a class, a spot is being held for you and your instructor will be watching and waiting for you until the class start time. Please cancel your registration as soon as you know you will not be attending class, and no later one hour before class. This will allow us to offer your spot to another client on the waitlist. There will be no credit returned for late cancels and no shows.

After two late cancellations (within one hour of class) and/or no shows within the same 30-day period, you will be charged $20 for the class regardless of membership.

Borrowing equipment

On the yoga side, we offer yoga mats, blocks, blankets and bolsters for your use. Please take care to use our natural mat cleansing spray and paper towels to clean the mats before returning them to the shelf.  

On the fitness side, we offer boxing gloves for use along with our bikes, boxing bags and light weight equipment. Please ensure all borrowed items and equipment are cleaned properly after use and put away. Boxing gloves must be worn with hand wraps. Wraps are available for purchase for $8 or you can bring your own. This is for your support and protection along with keeping the gloves clean.

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