Arbonne 30 Day Detox Program

Live Blood Cell Analysis

A tool that I use to help clients identify nutrition deficiencies and potential health concerns. Wanting to understand our health and what we put in our body is so important. Going to the doctor, (in my experienced opinion) puts a band-aid on the problem, but does not resolve the true issue at its core. These analyses are not meant to be used as a replacement for your doctor, but to be a tool to look into your health. It is a way for me to help you find out what your body may be missing and how you can change that. A quick prick of the finger and 20 minutes to review the sample will give you a different view then you have ever seen of your blood. (All done with sanitary and medical grade equipment.)

Nutrition/Health Coaching

Taking it a step further from the blood cell analysis, if you want a plan to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle you imagine, We create one together in these sessions.  We combine Nutritional and Overall Health Management Plans to create the lifestyle changes you need to feel confident about how you feel and look.

Arbonne Supplements & Healthcare Products

Since I was 19 years old, I have been hooked and using Arbonne products. Being a herbally and botanically based product line has always resonated with me – I feel to my core our products we use and put in and on our bodies should come from the Earth and use the most purest available resources we can.

I used the baby products on my newborn children (and still do – Arbonne is a known product line in our house), makeup and skincare products on my great grandmother – who has extremely sensitive skin and she raved about everything we used, protein shakes and supplements for friends and family who were interested in losing weight and detoxing, as I too have tried most products myself over the years. I have yet to hear complaints or dissatisfied customers. One of my favorite testimonials was a man in my networking group who stood up and proclaimed the men’s line was his favorite products to use in front of a filled banquet room of professionals, non-solicited.  

I have never pushed the products much as I am not one to force a product on people, however…it is time for people to know and understand the quality, and amazing benefits – from someone who is truly passionate and loves these products. I can help you not only with your health journey goal and fitness wise – but supplement wise as well. ~ Jess

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