Introducing Trice Berlinski, of Presence to Pupils, LLC, Trice holds a special place in my heart as she was the first person who was able to get me into a meditative state that spoke to my soul. I remember listening to her serene voice guiding us and opening my eyes to meet her warmth. She is pretty amazing! In addition, she is a Certified Meditation Instructor and Mindfulness Educator with a non-profit, The Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education, In 2011 Trice realized her calling and began avidly working toward a lifestyle change that would allow her to help as many people as possible by empowering them with the practices of meditation and mindfulness.

She is actively involved in exploring the neuroscience of meditation and manifesting healthier life outcomes, and keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever changing landscape of these growing areas of study through connections she has developed across the United States, Britain and Thailand. More recently, Trice has turned to study the science supporting manifesting. Her love for others and her drive to explain these skills in a way everyone can understand are some of the characteristics that provide for a unique experience.

She will be offering some events at our studio, starting with a Mindful Wine Tasting on October 17th. She’s also joining us on the Costa Rica Retreat where she will lead meditations and integrate mindfulness into our activities including mindful eating and walking meditations.

Orion Township Chamber of Commerce Member

September 2019 I decided to jump on board my community chamber in Lake Orion to take part in their networking, events and community endeavors. Can’t wait to really begin getting involved again in the community!

Astoria Active Wear

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* Pictures coming soon!

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