Private & Corporate Events

Have a fun event or party with a group of friends, family or colleagues! Need a new idea for something to do with friends? Bachelorette parties? Yep! Birthday parties? YES! Girls Night Out? YESSS! Girl Scout Troop event? Absolutely! We can help you make any special occasion extra special with a private yoga class or series.

Contact Jess@pushnawellness.com for more information or 989-327-4688.

Youth Athletic Yoga

Pushna Wellness offers 30 or 60-minute offsite yoga instruction for your athletic teams. We customize an athletic yoga practice to optimize for performance and recovery in your sport.

Corporate Yoga

Taking some time during your workday, whether it is 30 minutes or an hour to stretch, move the body and work on calming stress management is proven to help you through the workday. Corporate Yoga is an incredible way to instill a culture of mindfulness, movement, and support. It is also a way to express to your staff your commitment to a workplace where peace and ease are normal, where mental and physical health is a top priority. We will work together to create a program that’s just right for your company and employees.

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