Costa Rica – May 16-23rd 2020

Pushna along with an amazing partner, Trice, will be teaming up to take you on a few journeys in 2020. Get prepared to explore not only yourself but another country through yoga and meditation! Trice Berlinski will be leading the meditation as we soak in the views of nature, the ocean along with the jungle in Costa Rica. Jess will lead you through movement based practice on your mat each morning and evening – leaving you free to do whatever you wish the rest of the day!

Retreat to Bhutan – August 7th – 13th 2020

Highlights include:

1. Discussion and dinner with His Holiness Khedrupchen Rinpoche.
2. Learn about ancient meditation practices from Buddhist monks and nuns.
3. Enjoy Gasa Hot Springs, including a walking meditation and picnic lunch from a local organic farm.
And moreā€¦stay tuned. The dates listed do not include travel from and to the U.S.

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