Tina W. – Fitness Enthusiast

Tina W. – Fitness Enthusiast

I’ve been an avid runner and fitness enthusiast for a few decades now, never giving stretching and balance activities much thought. Because of that, my body’s balance and flexibility has suffered impacting basic activities like stooping down to pick something up and then having to get back up. Ugh!

I started attending spin classes where Jess was the instructor. Her enthusiasm along with her athleticism kept her classes varied and challenging. Jess offered wide array of routines, so her classes didn’t get predictable and they were always motivating, pushing me to extend myself past self-imposed possibilities.

My body really experienced significant change in flexibility and balance after joining Jess’s yoga classes. I avoided yoga for the exact reasons I needed it – I felt uncoordinated and it was too painful to stretch, not to mention the fact that for me to sit still for more than 30 seconds can be a challenge.

Through yoga practices with Jess, persistent leg pain virtually disappeared. Jess’s ability to describe a pose in an incredibly calming voice, allowed me to effectively put my body in the appropriate position, then hold it for longer than I ever thought I could. She provides feedback and instruction at just the right time, convincing me that I can achieve the intended goals. The reward at the end, if you chose to partake, is a temple message as you take your final rest pose. Incredible!

Because I have practiced with Jess for years, I have watched her pursue health and wellness knowledge, keeping skills current with ever evolving trends. With fitness and my overall wellness being a life-long pursuit, I highly recommend Jess to support anyone in achieving their fitness and wellness needs.