The Pushna Crew

Jess Dues

Pushna’s Founder, Jess Dues

I have had a lifelong passion for fitness. Years ago, I didn’t imagine my life would include a passion for stillness, breath, and the movement of yoga. I was first introduced to yoga in a combined spin and yoga class and I actually found the yoga uncomfortably slow! At the time, it definitely did NOT feel like my type of workout. However, I was committed to seeing this new class through. Fast forward months later, right in the middle of a hip opener – frog pose to be exact – something changed me forever. The focus, stillness, and oneness I felt with my body and the Earth – unlocked something beautiful and new within me. It nourished the part of my soul that craved peace and calm within a busy, determined life. I went on to become a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor, completing over 200 hours of training. 

In 2019, I took a leap of faith and opened Pushna Wellness at the pink house in Canterbury Village offering a variety of yoga classes and private yoga sessions – including yin, gentle, vin/yin, and vinyasa styles. During this time I completed another 200 hours of Yoga Medics training – giving me additional in depth understanding to help treat those with injuries, PTSD, trauma and various other ailments within the body. I’ve developed specialized classes for veterans, athletes, business professionals, people with injuries, seniors and children. Restorative and yin yoga are still my favorite to teach and are among our most popular classes at Pushna. There is beauty in learning to be still and calming a busy mind, all while opening the body, mind, and heart in a way that helps us cope with pain. 

While my personal fitness and yoga journey continues to evolve – so does Pushna Wellness. In 2021, Pushna relocated to its current location on Lapeer Road. I love the mindfulness of yoga as much as I love the thrill of boxing, spin, interval and weight training. We need variety to keep things exciting and fresh on the path to lifelong fitness. Which is why we continue to expand our offerings. I am so excited to now offer spin, boxing and sauna access for fitness, as well as massage and reiki energy healing. I want Pushna Wellness to be a place where you can find what you need to be whole on any given day. Each class you attend will be different because each day WE are different. We strive to keep in mind that the end goal is to find peace and stillness within, while we connect with our body. And some days, we need to just sweat it all out and LET IT GO!

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Tessa Venturini – Massage Therapist

Tessa Venturini

Tessa graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in 2017. While in school she studied and mastered many modalities such as: Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports massage, reflexology, and trigger point. Since graduating she has worked as the lead therapist at a spa in Rochester Hills. Working there she grew as a therapist and realized while it was a great learning experience for her, she was unable to provide the personalized care that she wanted to for her clients. She started Therapeutic Serenity with the intention of providing personalized therapeutic massage. She believes that every person is unique and in order to meet her clients needs there is no “one size fits all” massage service. With this in mind she will work with each and every client to achieve their goals. Whether it be complete relaxation, muscle tension relief, increased circulation and range of motion, or a combination etc. – she promises to do her best to facilitate your desired result.

Megan Fortin – Reiki & Life Coach

Megan Fortin

Megan Fortin is a wife, mom of two beautiful girls and mom of 3 dogs and a cat. She has a love for animals and nature. One of her hobbies and passions is gardening and hiking, and this is reflected in the work she does. She started her career caring for others working in medical as a medical assistant at an urgent care, and continued her education with helping others, she started learning Reiki and Energy work in 2012, and became a Holistic Doula in 2015. After the world shut down in 2020 she decided to dive deeper into her passion – Energy work and Life Coaching, and Resonance Repatterning, and Reiki. She became a Reiki Master in May of 2020, and completed her Resonance Program in July of 2020. She has since then completed her Life Coaching Program through transformation academy. She has spent the last two years continuing her education with Resonance, Shamanic Life Coaching and Holy Fire Reiki. Her passion is to assist others and the world in the healing process and bringing us to a balanced coherent state. 

Colleen Campbell – Yoga Instructor

Colleen Campbell

Colleen’s yoga journey began in her early 20s when she was in search of a way to move and connect with her body. What she found was a sacred place within herself, and a practice that can change and grow with her both physically and spiritually. Now as a mom of three, her yoga practice and role as a mother are beautifully and chaotically intertwined. She completed her 200-hour training with White Lotus Yoga in 2019 and became a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT200). In 2020 she completed 85-hour Prenatal & Postnatal teacher training through Sweet Momma Yoga to become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT). Her passion is working with mothers and moms-to-be who are going through this transformational time in their lives.

Samantha Trammell – Yoga Instructor

Samantha Trammell

Sam started practicing yoga when she was 19 years old and since then has been dedicated to her practice, completing her 200hr YTT through Practice Yoga Studio! Sam fell in love with creating a happy energetic environment for others to grow in and hopes to continue sharing the benefits of yoga.

Grace Scott – Yoga Teacher

Grace Scott

Grace started practicing yoga over 4 years ago. She left her first class realizing that yoga was much more than a hobby or workout – it was magical, a deep practice of self love and acceptance, and meant for all. Yoga helped her find the truth that she had everything she could ever need within, and that she was amazing just as she was – she just needed to slow down. A now RYT-200, Grace is passionate about bringing her students awareness to that same light that shines within through their practice. She was drawn to the way yoga helped ease her mind from stress, take time for herself and truly feel present in each moment, and hopes to share that with students.  Besides yoga, Grace enjoys photography, dancing and nature walks.

Audrey Rozell – Yoga Instructor

Audrey Rozell

Audrey has always believed in the magical bliss that a deep connection with nature provides and when she found both calm and strengthening of the mind, body, and soul through Yoga, she knew that was her passion to pursue. Inspired by the philosophy of Yoga she obtained her RYT200 certification to add depth to her practice and share spiritual knowledge with those who seek it. Audrey finds joy in empowering others to find their strength and the value that they add to any space they are in, and most importantly, encouraging individuals to dare to love themselves.

Jessica Conaway – Yoga Instructor

Jessica Conaway

Jessica has always wanted to heal and help others do the same. She was a dancer and competitive figure skater for most of her childhood teen years and early adult hood. The years of stress on my body took its toll. She started my yoga journey at 18 learning to heal her own body and calm the mind. In doing so, she decided to learn how to help others.
At 18 she got her massage therapist license, from there she went to collage and got a marketing degree to learn the business aspects of things. Using what she learned of that she decided to get her yoga certification to teach others what she loved to do and what she knew helped her heal so much. She got her yoga alliance 200hr certification. She loves teaching kids classes, yin, gentle and slow flow classes. In classes she likes to focus on balancing body and mind .
As she got more into her spirituality she then decided to learn how to work with energy. She had always felt others energy and wanted to know how to use what she was feeling from others to help them, thus she is now reiki master certified.
Presently, she is working on her Ayurvedic Nutrition certification to also learn how to balance the body from within with what food goes into it. In addition she is pursuing her RYT 300 training.

Paisley Arent- Spin Instructor

Paisley Arent

Paisley took her very first spin class two years ago and walked out of the studio with a new love and passion for cycling. She has been rocking out on her bike ever since that first class. Spin became her way of destressing and enjoying a good sweat for 45 minutes. As a new instructor she is very excited to motivate others to help them fall in love with spin and to provide an hour of awesome music and moves! 

Lesley Rotole – Spin Instructor

Lesley Rotole

Lesley started taking spin classes at a local gym over 8 years ago, and found such a love for it, began instructing over 4 years ago. She has been a certified personal trainer for over 4 years, and loves sharing knowledge about training and nutrition. Spinning has always been her #1 love and likes to combine strength training and band work into her 60 minute class. She is motivating and you will not leave without sweating and smiling!

Melissa Shelby – Boxing Instructor

Melissa Shelby

Melissa has a passion for being healthy and fit and teaching others to do the same! 

She is certified in Piloxing, Zumba, Zumba Toning, and Turbokick. 

But teaching Boxing is the most fun for her, it’s an amazing full body workout that makes you feel empowered!! You can burn 500-1000 calories a class! 

She enjoys teaching large groups and makes her happy knowing that she is helping people feel great about themselves while having fun too! She taught Spin and Boxing at Powerhouse Gym in Lake Orion from 2014 until 2020, where paths crossed Pushna Wellness.

Melissa has been a hairstylist for over 20 years in Rochester! She works in a salon as well as her home salon in Oxford , she loves making her clients feel pretty, handsome and confident! She also comes from a background of dance all through her school age years up until college.

Carl Cyrowski – Spin Instructor

Carl Cyrowski

Carl started spinning at Word Gym in LO about 20 years ago. Later, he joined Powerhouse Gym in Oxford (then moved to Lake Orion years later) and started instructing there 15 years ago. Carl loves spinning as it is the best cardio he had ever done and it doesn’t hurt your knees like running can over a period of time. He also is a Commercial Real Estate broker at his company Cyrowski Real Estate LLC. He works with a lot of investors, developers and builders in his business and also markets businesses representing everything from restaurants to manufacturing companies and everything in between. He has been living and working in the Lake Orion Area since 1987. He is very active in the community from 4th of July Fireworks to the lighted Christmas Parade. He was also involved early on with the Veterans Memorial and been active in the Lake Orion Boat Club for over 20 years.

Lisa Butts – Yoga Sub

Lisa Butts

Lisa, E-RYT 200, has been devoted to wellness and spirituality for over 20 years. She was called to become a Yoga instructor after finding deep healing on the mat and graduated from Updog Yoga’s RYT – 200 training program in 2010. She is a lifelong student of Yoga and is consistently inspired to grow in mind, body and spirit. Lisa loves to share her passion with others and to work with people of all abilities to help them achieve better body awareness, acceptance, strength, and connection. Her classes playfully integrate breath and movement, and encourage mindfulness – both on and off the mat. Breathe and feel – your best teacher lies inside. Outside of the studio, Lisa works as a Director for a local school district and is an avid distance runner.

Megan Miller – Yoga Sub

Megan Miller

Megan has always been especially interested in how stress affects the mind and the body. She studied Integrative Holistic Medicine at Oakland University where she was first introduced to the ideas of mindfulness, the relaxation response and yoga as a modality for health and wellness. She began practicing yoga in 2011. Her favorite class styles to take are gentle and short form Ashtanga. In 2020, she took the next step in her yoga journey and graduated from Citizen Yoga’s 200-RYT Teacher Training program. Her teaching style encompasses asana & alignment, with a focus on breathwork and the philosophy of yoga. Besides yoga, she also Ioves reading, ballet and hiking with her husband Andrew and 3 year old lab Murphy