Sometimes as we are on our mats and we have calmed the mind, thoughts have arisen along with feelings in our hearts and we don’t understand or ever come back to it and really process and work through it. I can offer a unique service where we can dig through that discovery together. Enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing, restorative yoga, followed by 30 minutes of Personal Development coaching!  Let’s get to the root of all of those aches and pains together and put a plan together to work through them!

One on One Yoga

Are you hesitant to try yoga with a group? Are you an experienced practitioner in need of some one-on-one help to work through poses you have been wanting to learn or try but have been too afraid? I can help you! Schedule a session with me and we can create a plan to help you soar beyond your yoga goals as well as your confidence in your practice!

Coaching Options

Nutrition/Health Coaching

Taking it a step further from the blood cell analysis, if you want a plan to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle you imagine, We create one together in these sessions.  We combine Nutritional and Overall Health Management Plans to create the lifestyle changes you need to feel confident about how you feel and look.

Life/Career Coaching

My whole adult career has primarily been in staffing and helping people find jobs and clients find the right candidates. It is rewarding when it all works in perfect harmony. I can help go through what your passions are, what you like and love or dislike doing and help you find a way to land your dream job or get you on the right path.  I can help look through your resume with you!

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