Doing things together makes everything a bit more enjoyable!

If getting out of bed for yourself and creating a practice is difficult, try booking a group session for you and your friends, family, support system, lovers of tranquility. You may also request that I teach a group session at a studio local to you where I would love to come and share my teachings and methods. With Group Yoga, you’re able to focus on yourself while being surrounded by energy and encouragement.

Yoga for Athletes

Are you a coach or an athlete on a team who has noticed that something is missing in your teams’ routine? With our Athletes, we focus on mindfulness practice or just a deep restorative stretching regime that will add endurance, balance, and focus to your teams’ game day execution. I have worked with many athletes on these skills, and would love to teach sessions with your team! Get ready for the magic that comes with a balanced fitness routine that includes mindfulness!
Not to mention, the recovery benefits yoga (stretching) offers to athletes!

Veteran Yoga

PTSD and so many other mental health issues linger with our Veterans. I have been blessed to know many and teach many over the years. I understand the importance to be able to connect your breath and movement and take care of yourself in ways you may never have thought of. Toughness is not only physical but mental – I can help Veterans find their inner calm and give techniques to ease the mind and revive the life inside of our beloved Vets!

Group Events

Having a get together? Team building? Festival? Benefit? Charity? Pushna Wellness may be able to help coordinate and support the events. Prices will vary on location and duration of the event. Certain charities we may be able to support not for profit and volunteer our time if it aligns with our scheduling.

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